stadium finances

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stadium finances

Post by xraysteve on Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:01 pm

Silly question

I have managed to get the BRorganiser working which showed me that I wasn't as bad as I feared I might be at working out who should be playing where!

Under the finance bit however it breaks down the costs and I cannot work out where in the game you can change these things.

Am I missing something?


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Re: stadium finances

Post by Mega man al on Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:45 pm

At a pure guess, its talking about the old days when you used to be able to hire/fire staff for your stadium, cleaners entertainers etc but they got shot of that and now the cost is just calculated on your stadium capacity and attendance. As I said its a guess so if anyone knows better they should be able to let you know
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Re: stadium finances

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:06 pm

Hey Steve. It takes a while to work out what skills go well in each position.

Here's a basic breakdown from another guide:

Your props are vital in the scrum. Therefore they need to have good strength and technique.

Your props should weigh more than 110kg and be shorter than 195cm. Heavier = better

Taller props will help your lineout work more effectively, but shorter props are able to scrummage better. Its about finding the right balance.

Your hooker is vital for winning lineout ball. His handling is a good indication on his throwing ability, so bare than in mind when selecting a hooker.
Ideally he will also have good technique for hooking the ball in the scrum & good strength for defending scrums.
His height is important. If he is taller than your props it creates an inbalance in the front row.

Your locks will be the tallest players in your forwards. Anything above 200cm is usually a good height for a lock.
They need to have good jumping and handling, for contesting and securing lineout ball, along with good strength for pushing scrums.

Flankers & Back row
Flankers and number 8's provide support in the scrum, so need to have good weight and strength. Flankers provide a good opportunity to turn over the ball at the breakdown, so technique is very important for them, along with good defence.

Scrum half
Your 9 will need to be a good all rounder. As he handles the ball more than any other player his key skills are handling, speed to keep up with play and attack for a quick pick and go.

Fly Half
As your designated kicker, your fly half will obviously need high kicking.
Handling, attack, defence, speed and agility are all vital skills.

Wingers will usually be your fastest players, so speed is vital here. Good attack allows them to break through tackles and agility also plays a part in this.
In defence, it is your wingers who will often track back to make that all important tackle, so a high defence level is also useful.

Centres are usually big, strong and powerful runners. They need good attack, speed and strength when your side are attacking, but also good defence as an opposition linebreak in the centre of the pitch will often result in a conceded try.

Full back
As the last line of defence, your full back will need high speed, defence and kicking ability.
They need to be a bit of an all rounder, as they find themselves working in both attack and defence.

The full (NB OUTDATED) guide is available here:


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Re: stadium finances

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