Future u20 Flanker- Gil Welham

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Future u20 Flanker- Gil Welham Empty Future u20 Flanker- Gil Welham

Post by oppong on Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:14 pm


Nationality England
Weight 102kg
Height 189cm
Birthday Round 1, Day 3

Right handed, right footed, in admirable form Stable.
An aggressive player with controlled discipline, moderate leadership, and despicable experience.

Stamina: Satisfactory 7 Handling:Average 6
Attack: Admirable 10 Defense: Sumptuous 13
Technique:Princely 12 Strength: Admirable 10
Jumping: Reputable 9 Speed: Average 6
Agility: Moderate 5 Kicking: Horrible 3

give him a good home x


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