21 Year old - 127K CSR for sale

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21 Year old - 127K CSR for sale Empty 21 Year old - 127K CSR for sale

Post by quind on Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:55 am

Brenton Plant 180cm/112kg

I use him as centre and wing cover, and with some other players to promote from the YA I mayn't even use him much for that this season coming. I don't think he's due to pop in much, though he's been on speed TT and never popped in that in the seniors. His last exp pop was back in the YA, but how many matches he's had since then on TNT/normal/wnwim I'm not sure, he's been in 21 games he'd gain exp in my seniors but quite a few of those would be as a sub or in a wnwim effort.

I think he'd make an excellent  13 in Div IV, and he might so someone a job off the bench in Div III

Deadline is Sunday 6th December 11.40am, listed for $1 (which he has just gotten a bid at)


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