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Selling a 225K CSR flanker, 27 years old

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Selling a 225K CSR flanker, 27 years old Empty Selling a 225K CSR flanker, 27 years old

Post by quind on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:23 pm


Stamina: Marvelous 17 Handling: Superior 16
Attack: Amazing 14 Defense: Marvelous 17
Technique: Superior 16 Strength: Monumental 18
Jumping: Decent 8 Speed: Amazing 14
Agility: Average 6 Kicking: Horrible 3

I hadn't actually planned to sell him, but after a slightly accidental purchase of an NT players I can't really afford to leave him on the bench.

Stam might be quite close to popping (and actually exp too which is currently satisfactory), defence popped not that long back and tech is maybe halfway or so to popping. So to really get the best of him you'd probably want TT on attack, tech, speed and a.nother, but even just tech if the rest was stam, def and str would still leave a good option for a good number of sides.


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