Amazingly Cheap Young Jumping Lock!

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Amazingly Cheap Young Jumping Lock!

Post by jeolmaga on Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:59 pm
5. Taranga "Wet" Vagana (For Sale)
23 y/o (R9, D4) | 60,774 CSR (+271) | $9,320 p.w. | 202cm | 124kg | New Zealand
Right handed, right footed, in satisfactory form .
A conservative player with collected discipline, moderate leadership, and moderate experience.
Energy: Pumped 85%
Stamina: Sumptuous Handling: Sumptuous
Attack: Reputable Defense: Reputable
Technique: Satisfactory Strength: Admirable
Jumping: Amazing Speed: Satisfactory
Agility: Satisfactory Kicking: Horrible
only 100k

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