So i need some new ducklings

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So i need some new ducklings

Post by moocows911 on Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:35 pm

For Mother Duck Streeter to nurture.

I need the following.

2xLock. (i'm thinking one good and then a trainee, to save the cost a bit)
1x Hooker or no.8


2 of Centre/Fullback/Wing

I have a shade over 11million to spend.

would like to stay as young as possible so team doesnt need too much rebuilding all at once ever again, but i'm willing to take slightly older in a couple of these to save on the cash

minimum 100k CSR

everybody knows the rough guidelines for each position, so I shan't annoy you all with too much specific detailing.

ideally need 3day auctions. let me know what you've got an are willing to sell and i'll see if he matches up with my expectations Smile

cheers guys!


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