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Piglets for sale

Post by gazla on Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:50 pm

Clearing out some of the younger players in my squad as i am hoping to train some hopefuls next year so pointless me keeping them there just getting older (plus could do with the cash to balance the books). All would suit a developing lower div squad. Have used them in friendly comps and all have shown their worth. Some have made the odd div III appearance as well.

Sid Vincent 18yo
Stamina: Impressive Handling: Decent
Attack: Decent Defense: Decent
Technique: Horrible Strength: Average
Jumping: Horrible Speed: Admirable
Agility: Decent Kicking: Reputable

Jacob Legh 17yo
Stamina: Satisfactory Handling: Average
Attack: Reputable Defense: Reputable
Technique: Reputable Strength: Princely
Jumping: Horrible Speed: Impressive
Agility: Limited Kicking: Moderate

Taylor Cobb 17yo
Stamina: Princely Handling: Satisfactory
Attack: Reputable Defense: Decent
Technique: Decent Strength: Admirable
Jumping: Despicable Speed: Reputable
Agility: Moderate Kicking: Average

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