Young scrum half for sale

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Young scrum half for sale

Post by spudola1 on Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:05 pm

I'm letting this guy go as he doesn't make my first team and I have no training space for him to develop properly. He will be 19 halfway through this season so I want him to develop as quickly as possible before he's too old! Would make a good scrum half (or outside centre) at division 5 level (in fact he was a good scrum half in division 5) or a decent training prospect.

Artie Dashwood
18 years old | 19,758 CSR (+54) - Deadline: Sat 4 Aug 10:52:00am
Nationality: South Africa
Salary: $86,690 ($5,418 per week)
Weight: 82kg
Birthday: Round 8, Day 4

Right handed, left footed, in admirable form .
An aggressive player with reckless discipline, decent leadership, and despicable experience

Stamina: Average
Handling: Reputable
Attack: Reputable
Defense: Satisfactory
Technique: Moderate
Strength: Moderate
Jumping: Average
Speed: Decent
Agility: Average
Kicking: Decent

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