Centre or back row

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Centre or back row

Post by Mr Kearns on Sat Jun 16, 2012 9:55 am


Dwayne Adermann
17 years old | 19,397 CSR
Player ID 11777788
Plays for Ruckin' Ard
Salary $68,647 ($4,290 per week)
Weight 97kg
Height 198cm
Joined 14 Jun 2012 9:35pm
Birthday Round 11, Day 4
Right handed, left footed, in reputable form .
A timid player with reckless discipline, reputable leadership, and despicable experience.
Energy: Sprightly 67% Stamina: Decent Handling: Average
Attack: Decent Defense: Reputable
Technique: Horrible Strength: Reputable
Jumping: Decent Speed: Decent
Agility: Moderate Kicking: Horrible

Anyone interested? A bit of work but low CSR only because of low kicking and tech.
Mr Kearns

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