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Advice please

Post by ge0rgeb on Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:38 pm

7. Gordon "Greasy" Pole
21 y/o (R16, D6) | 46,544 CSR (+136) | $8,527 p.w. | 185cm | 106kg | England
Left handed, left footed, in moderate form .
An aggressive player with collected discipline, average leadership, and moderate experience.
Energy: Pumped 83%
Stamina: Reputable Handling: Princely
Attack: Decent Defense: Princely
Technique: Princely Strength: Impressive
Jumping: Decent Speed: Decent
Agility: Limited Kicking: Non-Existent

Thinking of selling him and another youngish back rower and getting an older better no 7, but slightly concerned hes between being a prospect and a good player, thanks. Smile


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