Training 1 FH in the YA

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Training 1 FH in the YA

Post by stomalomalus on Thu Apr 21, 2016 11:26 am

So, looking at my YA, specifically last year's pulls, and only one player has good mentals (5,4). Unlike the others, he's no light, short backrow, though, he's a true back. With at least some kicking (medium). I was thinking, therefore, of training him as a 10. But here is where the problems start.

1) He has no high's yet, at 17.
2) His kicking could be anywhere from 6-9, obviously a 6 isn't going to be good enough.
3) I'm training u20 forwards.
4) He doesn't look particularly good. If I'm right, he's got between 64-68 TSP, when I should be looking for 80 (for comparison, my 95kg flanker has 85TSP, along with 2, 1 in mentals Sad).

So, would you bother training him? Would you just let him rot? And what would you do with that 85ish conservative, reckless flank?

And for the second part of my question: Where would you want a kicker's kicking level to be when he comes out of the YA at 19/20? Would 9 be enough to coax him to 17ish in a few seasons?


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Re: Training 1 FH in the YA

Post by eddbutt on Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:30 pm

If you're training forwards already then I wouldn't train a back as well, unless you're training the forwards for one season, in which case it would be good for him as that season would eliminate most of his natural weak skills.

68 TSP if he's just turned 16 is fine as he'll be 80 by the time he's 17.

You'd want his kicking at 14 if he's coming out of the YA at 19/20.

Not a big fan of reckless flankers as they're good at giving penalties away.


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