World Cup Winning Full-Back on Sale

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World Cup Winning Full-Back on Sale Empty World Cup Winning Full-Back on Sale

Post by jwj201 on Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:48 am

Hi guys, its Served; the time has come for me to sell some assets... so I give you:

Taran Newsham (WC Winner!)
30 years old | 569,984 CSR

Player ID 10937957
Plays for FirstComeFirst
Nationality England
Salary £548,438 (£34,277 per week)
Weight 83kg
Height 183cm
Joined 25 Oct 2011 5:18am
Birthday Round 9, Day 1
Right handed, right footed.
A collected player with controlled discipline, limited leadership, and average experience.

Stamina: Majestic 19 Handling: Legendary 20
Attack: Majestic 19 Defense: Legendary 20
Technique: Monumental 18 Strength: Monumental 18
Jumping: Admirable 10 Speed: Legendary 20
Agility: Legendary 20 Kicking: Amazing 14

"He gives the pass to Newsham who is confronted by Guagliardi.
Newsham goosesteps and heads out on a long arc towards the sideline, can he beat Argentina cover for pace?
Tevez and Escobar look utterly determined that the answer to that question will be 'No' as they scramble across towards the far corner!
Newsham casually puts the ball down straight under the posts and thumbs his nose at Guagliardi! What's this?
Newsham has grabbed the ref mic and seems to be setting up for something..."This calls for a victory tune!" Well this is a bit entire musical number, brass band and all! "Shipoopi! Shipoopi! Shipoopi! The girl who's hard to get!" OK OK - let's get on with it! The game has swung around, the Team In Possession have got their noses in front by 22-20!"" - Victory Celebration following scoring a Try in NT WC Final.

Unfortunately its time to balance my books. Newsham has at least one more World Cup in him. I must now look to the future as I have two potential NT players coming through the ranks in the next few seasons.


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World Cup Winning Full-Back on Sale Empty Re: World Cup Winning Full-Back on Sale

Post by eddbutt on Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:10 pm

I was concerned that you're selling him because his CSR has dipped, but good to see it actually went up 2k this week. Smile


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