11 Kicking 17 y/o U20 Eligible

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11 Kicking 17 y/o U20 Eligible

Post by Twinkletoes on Thu May 07, 2015 7:44 pm

Just pulled this lad, would love to keep training him but I don't have the spare space on my training at the moment!

Could be moulded into any of the kicking positions, 9/10/15 potentially. On the market to be sold before Tuesday to make sure he doesn't miss any training.

Noah Woods
17 years old | 27,451 CSR
Weight 96kg
Height 178cm
Birthday: R2, D1
An aggressive player with reckless discipline, admirable leadership, and despicable experience.

Stamina: Average 6
Handling: Admirable 10
Attack: Moderate 5
Defense: Average 6
Technique: Limited 4
Strength: Horrible 3
Jumping: Decent 8
Speed: Impressive 11
Agility: Satisfactory 7
Kicking: Impressive 11

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Re: 11 Kicking 17 y/o U20 Eligible

Post by quind on Thu May 07, 2015 9:20 pm

If one wanted to puruse U20s then I think he's a 15, at least were I to train him I'd have 2x stam, attack and defence, and that only leaves 1x hands, agi, spd and kicking. Thus even if I could have TT on agi for all 4 seasons his agi is going to be lowish which for the U20s which I'd rather deal with at 15 than 9 or 10, also he's aggressive has good hands and jumping.

There is one other way to train him which is to ignore his kicking, 11 is passable at 9 and 15 and then one could have 2x agi


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