Most unlikely happening in a game?

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Most unlikely happening in a game?

Post by Dazza79 on Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:01 pm

I had this happen in my semi final the other day.

Stripling gets in behind a Kemp Town Queens forward as he drives ahead, looking for the offload! Shaw tries to smash his shoulder into Stripling but he bounces out of the challenge and now he's away! He surges away from Hornets Revenge defenders closest to him, and chips ahead as Baddeley comes up to meet him. Stripling gets another toe to the ball just as Peacock and Evans close him down, and it seems he must be tackled! He's still going, breath rasping and desperate for the try-line now! Stripling slides in straight in between the uprights and takes a late knee in the back for his pains from Evans. He gets up and pushes Evans away. They are still exchanging pleasantries as Stripling trots back upfield to the roar of Kemp Town Queens fans!

This is my prop scoring in the 65th minute and here is his page link

Was wondering if anyone else has had an unlikely event happen in game


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