Selling 4 players, from 110-210K CSR

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Selling 4 players, from 110-210K CSR

Post by quind on Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:16 pm

All deadline are this coming Saturday 20th August 2014 at approx 4.30pm UK time.

All 3 players over the age of 30 are declining, and obviously the lad aged 25 is not declining.

I had planned to have a crack at the play-offs with these lads, but given the change to min wages unlocking contracts I've instead fired some player whose contracts otherwise wouldn't have expired, and I'm selling another, and then selling some more as once the exodus has begun I'm going to lose in the play-offs anyway so I may as well do so more cheaply.

The oldies are all above and this is the 25 year old

Please note on the 25 year old there have been recent pops this month in handling, defence and attack. Looking at TT and games played I'd say it was only technique and experience which could pop again this season. Agility hasn't popped on him since July 13, but since then it's only really been IGT on that


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