What coach, trainers and facility level is recommended

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What coach, trainers and facility level is recommended

Post by Galc on Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:28 pm

I think I did misunderstood the level of trainers, coach and facility so far Embarassed. I know I have a lot of questions now - so I pray someone will help me to understand this:
- Does it matter what facility level do I have for coach training - team training? Or does it matter only for trainer training - individual training?
- Does facility level give you only more training sessions or does it also increase CSR gain per training (for both team and individual training?)? If it means higher CSR gain per training - what would you go rather having facility level 5 and lower level trainers?
- Does it mean each trainer level can get your player skill only to a limited skill gain? Where are this limits for each level of trainers?
- Am I right, that it is better to have more low level trainers instead of few higher level trainers - if I do not plan to increase player skill to lvl 18 (Monumental)? If my plan is to gain player skills up to max 16, what trainers should I go with?


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Re: What coach, trainers and facility level is recommended

Post by Wingnut on Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:10 pm

firstly yes it matters what level your facility is , its paramount to success on and off the pitch (meaning financially aswell as training players)

you want to optimize your financial incoming and outgoings so there is as little waste as possible this way you can spend more profit on improving your club.

COACHES only TRAIN to the level of your FACILITY so if you have a level 3 facility but level 4 or 5 coaches your wasting loads of money on coaches wages.

this applies to both individual and Team training.

if you have a level 5 facility but only level 4 coaches your still not maximizing the benefits buts its less detrimental that having higher coaches than your facility is capable of housing.

the level of the facility only gives you more individual training slots , however as only level 5 facilities allow level 5 trainers to perform at the optimum level then it makes sense to also hire level 5 coaches becouse otherwise your paying for 1 extra slot and not getting any higher training than level 4.

if you want lower level trainers just use a full level 4 set up using 29 individual slots and reduce your seasonal expenditure by a large amount ( 640 grand a season ) to be exact

now this extra 640K per season could really help buy players and expand your stadium but at some point your going to want level fives to get the best players and also if you want U20 or Nat players

the more minor sponsors , members and the higher league the better obviously for sustaining level five facilities

each trainer has limits both soft and hard limits some might say.

by that i mean once the soft cap is reached training speeds are reduced until the hard cap is hit.

Team training has a cap of 18 In Game Training has no cap.

now as for trainers level 1 can hit about 14 but i suspect the soft cap is about 12-13
but upgrading to level 2 is so easy you should focus on training lower skills on level 1 until your first upgrade

level 2 is about a cap of 16 , level 3 about 18 , level 4 about 19 and five is 21

roughly anyway its been a while since i saw any maths on this and had level fives for a few real life years so my memory is slightly hazy

the caps should be no worry to be honest if your clubs at a stage where its training players to get 19 in any given stats its most likely ready to afford level fives.

if you just want a team full of rounded players with 16s everywhere then level 3 facility is half the price of level 4 so reduces expenditure by 320k a season

thats not including reduced expenditure from cheaper coaches.

however those around you will catch you up and overtake you with better players if you stay on level 3 for too long

remember level 4 costs more but it means you can sell trainees for more money and are more likely to win a greater amount of prize money so its worth it in the long term every time


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