53K CSR 18 year old for sale (most likely a winger)

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53K CSR 18 year old for sale (most likely a winger)

Post by quind on Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:36 am


Stm 10
Hnd 9
Atk 12
Def 12
Tech 10
Str 9
Jum 5
Spd 13
Agi 8
Kick 5

He's conservative/collected with despicable exp. Tends to score circa 4.5 stars on TNT in the YA.

Stamina and attack are both well on the way to further pops, he has had recent pops in both defence and kicking which are the other skills currently trained in my YA. I don't know when he last popped in experience but it was a ways back, and the team play TNT every week. I could have left him in the YA, but not training him on agi was starting to annoy me too much, so to resit moving a net there which doesn't perhaps help others in my academy here he is. Currently selling for $1 with a deal deadline of Saturday night (14th June 2014)


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