30K CSR 17 year old back row for sale

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30K CSR 17 year old back row for sale

Post by quind on Fri Mar 14, 2014 3:19 pm


He's below U20 standards, but 195cm/117kg collected/collected and a few (say 7/Cool TNT games since his pop to despicable experience. Very simple to train starting out from 78 TDSP, or as is good enough to play in Div V. He's not good enough as is to play much in Div IV or above, even off the bench, as he's not tall enough for lock and tech is only 7.

Oddly I have no dates for this player as to when anything last popped in the YA, nor have I recorded exactly when the reveals came in the YA. So he may be close to popping in everything bar kicking (only skill he's not had YA TT on) or he may be close to popping in nothing, I've really no idea.

Sale ends Sunday 16th March at 3.50pm, and right now he's available for $1


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