199cm/117kg 39K CSR agg/controlled 17 year old

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199cm/117kg 39K CSR agg/controlled 17 year old

Post by quind on Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:38 pm


gone up for sale to make way for a prop to be trained. done quite well on a rounded training programme, 10 pops so far this season, and another 7 there for the taking if trained (and that's keeping the rounded training not chasing pops) as he's part way to a good few more already

his history is viewable in his training thread if wanted

As regards U20 he's probably somewhere around 30th-40th based on CSR, but he's very much not been trained for CSR. I suspect he's a distance behind the top few on technique now as regards back row, whether there's time to switch his training to make him a centre where there's less competition I don't know.

guessing his wages if recalculated now would be $8,500 or so


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