Recless backs? (aka which player to train?)

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Recless backs? (aka which player to train?)

Post by Blandy on Fri Jul 12, 2013 7:23 am

Just wondered whats peoples opinions are regarding discipline for backs? especially given that I prodominantly play aggressively. I've got two 17 year olds, one I am planning on giving nine Level 4 sessions to train as a fly half and the other I will put on the TM.

Nicholas Collier
17 years old, 28 581 CSR, $ 5 898 per week, 187 cm, 92 kg
Nationality: EN
Aggression Conservative (2) and Discipline Collected (3)
Leadership Limited (4) and Experience Despicable (2).
Birthday: week 02, day 3
Stamina: Admirable (10)  Handling: Impressive (11)
Attack: Average (6)  Defense: Decent (Cool
Technique: Horrible (3)  Strength: Limited (4)
Jumping: Satisfactory (7)  Speed: Average (6)
Agility: Limited (4)  Kicking: Impressive (11)

Norm Peacock
17 years old, 26 595 CSR, $ 6 274 per week, 178 cm, 90 kg
Nationality: EN
Aggression Aggressive (4) and Discipline Reckless (2)
Leadership Impressive (11) and Experience Non-Existent (1).
Birthday: week 03, day 5
Stamina: Satisfactory (7)  Handling: Impressive (11)
Attack: Admirable (10)  Defense: Decent (Cool
Technique: Limited (4)  Strength: Limited (4)
Jumping: Satisfactory (7)  Speed: Decent (Cool
Agility: Reputable (9)  Kicking: Admirable (10)

I leaning towards Peacock due to his higher skills, but just wonder if I will regret his discipline in the future?


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Re: Recless backs? (aka which player to train?)

Post by Wingnut on Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:04 pm

go for peacock then sell him when he is very good and buy a player with controlled discipline if he is giving away too many pens

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