Need some advice on 2 Youngsters

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Need some advice on 2 Youngsters

Post by chewdra on Sun May 12, 2013 9:15 am

For me neither of these are forwards but correct that if its wrong
Last pull of last season and first pull of this season, both have pretty good tech but theyre not showing too many other stats yet, at the moment im training ATT/DEF/KICK/STR and will change that to STAM/HAND/SPEED/AGIL at the start of next season. Plan was to promote 1 and let him have the 10 sessions once he hits 17.
Question should i promote for the extra training or should i leave in YT??
and what should i train them as?? backs who can compete at breakdowns or backrow forwards?? or something else??
Half hoping they'll be good enough to hit U20s so all input to help that welcome Very Happy
Thanks in advance guys

Randolph Tiller
16 y/o (R16, D2) | 186cm | 99kg | England |
100 stars
Right handed, right footed, in moderate form Stable.
A timid player with flawless discipline, reputable leadership, and non-existent experience.
Stamina: Unknown Handling: Low
Attack: Satisfactory Defense: Unknown
Technique: Reputable Strength: Admirable
Jumping: Unknown Speed: Unknown
Agility: Unknown Kicking: Moderate

Donald Patten
16 y/o (R1, D3) | 179cm | 108kg | England |
100 stars
Right handed, right footed, in average form Stable.
A collected player with collected discipline, limited leadership, and non-existent experience.
Stamina: Unknown Handling: Medium
Attack: Decent Defense: Unknown
Technique: Admirable Strength: Unknown
Jumping: Unknown Speed: Moderate
Agility: Low Kicking: Limited


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Re: Need some advice on 2 Youngsters

Post by gazla on Sun May 12, 2013 1:17 pm

Couple of options both could be useful (but short) opensides, although the low handling on Tiller is off putting for me (and he's off season for the u20s, don't know if that is a consideration).
Patten could still make a useful hooker, but obviously light (hence the initial suggestion).

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